Sulanga Villa

Whenever I mentioned the word garden to anybody, they immediately mentioned the phrase ‘Sulanga Villa, Bolgoda’.  So Deane and I dragged Naomi along for a look.Honestly, what’s there not to love about this place?  It was simply perfect.

Well was it?

To our (Cue: Gasp) dismay it was everything less than perfect. Let me regale you with our little wedding horror story, I heard everyone has to have one of those. Early back in December the Man* running the place told us it would cost Rs.150,000 a day for a group of 120 people (Cue: Raised eyebrows). We thought the pricing was a bit much considering that we are only provided with the house and grounds, not even lights. But like any good wedding planner on a tight budget we decided to do our calculations. The cost was yes too much, but since I was gung-ho about it and we thought it would make for some pretty pictures we decided it was worth splurging for.  This is where our pleasant dream turned into a nightmare. It’s almost similar to the one where you’re chased, but you keep running in the same place. Yes, absolutely terrifying!  This Man, the same Man who told us about the price was supposed to meet us and run us through the details, but he never did. He always has some nice excuse, and since we had all the time in the world we trusted him.

Then a few months later he told us that the new price would now be a whooping Rs.200,000!  Oh well we still decided that we would spend the extra Rs.50,000. Somehow it seemed worth it. We then proceeded to ask him to meet us again to discuss details. Here’s where things get a little messy. A colleague of mine also wanted to get married at this beautiful Sulanga Villa, and when he called the Man he was told that it would be Rs.150,000 (Cue: Murdering looks) This new information  just popped our lid. So we called him or rather we rang his phone maybe a 100 times until he finally picked up and then Deane told him off in his nice guy voice. I would have just given him a good yelling.  He was quick to apologize and then said it would cost us a 150. Great, but we were at this moment a little cheesed off. Then he does another vanishing trick. Now since time was running out, we decided to do the next best thing, call a famous cricketer** who is also the owner/one of the owners. The Cricketer with his amazing PR skills initially proceeded to give us some kind of hope, only to let us down badly. The Man now frothing mad that we called the Cricketer tells us that he wasn’t aware that the wedding was in December. Now who would try to book a place without a date and month? Then he also told us that we told him that we were having 300 guests. Honestly I don’t even know 300 people I want at my wedding, but that besides the point.  Then he slams phone. Good going Man! The Cricketer finally told us to negotiate it with the Man for Rs. 175,000. I was livid. We were in agreement even to pay Rs.200,000, but due to his flakiness and complete uncooperativeness we couldn’t even meet him. Now we have to renegotiate? That was the last straw!! We called it quits and moved on to Plan D? E? P?

That was it. I was upset. I was angry, like frothing mad, which I’m capable of getting in 8 seconds tops. In a way I’m glad it didn’t work out. It would have actually been a triple expense, since we had to light the entire place up, set up a dance floor and put up marquees. And if it rained on our parade it would have been a right royal disaster!

Next post: Our final venue.

*I was asked not to reveal any names. So I’m shushing.

**Deane seriously is too nice a guy. I should have been a journalist since I love naming names :)