DIY Dessert!

Fancy dinner menus cost a fancy packet. What I really wanted was a funky cocktail menu. I didn’t get one, well because the Mister loves his food, and he wanted a real proper dinner. He got his way, well only because I didn’t care much about food. But I did care about dessert! I thought a dessert bar would be a spectacular idea.

How about a Popsicle Dessert Bar?

Who the hell could do that here!

Then I wanted an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Bar.

So yummy right?

Then I spied this one.

Finally, we had a dessert bar that had cupcakes with your choice of sprinklers, and the make your own ice cream cookie sandwich.

I have no idea where the ice cream cookie sandwich pictures are. That wasn’t a great hit, being typical Sri Lankans no one bothered to read the instructions. The cupcakes, made and gifted by Nilusha were an absolute hit.

The evidence:

The boys got to it before we even entered the hall!  :)

The cake was also done by someone Nilusha knew. And it was super.

That’s right, I wanted a no fuss cake. Sigh, I don’t mind a slice now.



Photo Credit: Popsicle, Cookie Sandwich, Cupcake Bar, Everything else – Dhanush de Costa

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